EdiSoft - The Exporters Companion

Yes! There is an answer. We are providers of elegant software solutions to enable you to obtain documentation electronically when exporting goods from Australia!

Edisoft, our Electronic Documentation Interface Software can be used to communicate with the Australian Customs Service (ACS) ICS system, the Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries (DAFF) EXDOC system and 1-STOP's Pre-Receival Advice Shipping system. It is used by hundreds of satisfied clients across Australia to provide a streamlined and efficient solution to obtaining Export Clearance, Permits and certificates.

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Latest Updates

Thursday, 10th January
EdiSoft Update

Update to Treatments table to comply with DAFF's latest codes

Wednesday, 12th December
EdiSoft Update

Updated permission structure to match NEXDOC

Friday, 9th November
EdiSoft Update

EXDOC Codeset Update