The AutoMail Feature

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This feature is used to automatically send and receive replies to your CRNs, EDNs, PRSs, RFPs and Custom Health Certificate Requests.


AutoMail is configured using the buttton on the main screen.


You can set the time interval for AutoMail to activate
You can enable / disable which types of messages AutoMail will send / receive



Care should be taken when setting the Checking Interval.  When AutoMail is processing, all opening and closing of EdiSoft screens is suspended temporarily, so do not set this interval too frequently because you will find the sending and receiving process will impose an overhead that will degrade the performance times of EdiSoft and interfere with your data entry.  A reasonable suggested time would be greater than 30 seconds.


You can configure which messages AutoMail will send and receive.  For instance, if you do not get PRAs then do not configure EdiSoft to send and receive PRAs.  This will reduce the amount of work AutoMail needs to do.


In a multi-user environment you would probably only need to have one user with AutoMail running.  If all users were to use it this would impose a greater overhead on your mail server with minimal benefit to the users.  In situations where you are urgently waiting on a response, use the Check for Messages button on the front screen or the Transmit / Receive button in any of the Summary Screens.


Use this feature with caution because excessive access of the mail server can create unavoidable processing conflicts and these negate any benefits of the feature.


You will notice that the panel on the front screen that contains the AutoMail feature can change colour depending on what is happening.  The colours mean.


Blue                - AutoMail is not set and AutoMail is inactive
Yellow        - AutoMail has been enabled but is not active at the time.
Green        - AutoMail is Sending and Receiving Messages.



The Transmit Receive buttons on each Summary Screen will only send the type of message for that screen but will collect all types of messages.  The Transmit / Receive button on the front screen will send all the types of messages enabled for AutoMail and will collect all types of messages.