Edisoft Contents

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Getting Started

Basic Concepts
Some Standards
Program Configuration - (The Post Box Record)

 -   Configuration

 -   Address Details

 -   Printer Setup

 -   Integrated Cargo System (ICS)

 -   EXDOC

 -   PRA's

 - Internet Setup

Communication Methods
Digital Certificates
EDI e-Mail Address
EXDOC Health Certificate Printer
Installing EdiSoft on a file server


Banner Page Functions

Data Entry
The Auto Mail Feature
The Icons (Speed Buttons)


Data Entry

Entering CRN's        (Customs ICS)
Entering EDN's        (Customs ICS)
Entering RFP's        (AQIS EXDOC)
Forwarding & Transferring RFP's
Custom Health Certificates
Entering PRA's
Invoices and Other Documents


Common Functions

Finding an AHECC Code
Adding Containers


Sending/Receiving Records

Sending / Receiving CRN's
Sending / Receiving EDN's
Sending / Receiving RFP's
Sending / Receiving Custom Certificates
Sending / Receiving PRA's


Data Archive & Transfer

Data Import
Data Export
Archiving Records
Retrieve from Archive
AutoLoad Facility
AutoLoad Timer Details
Archive Defaults
Check Database Structure (Reindex Database)
Interface Files


Importing Container Details


System Backup