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Access to all the reference tables used in the EdiSoft data entry/validation process.


Most of the tables are the same for all users and these are already loaded for you.  Should you need to amend any of the tables, simply enter into the appropriate one, highlight the record and click on the edit icon in the top left hand corner of the browse screen.


You will need to create records in the tables which are specific to your organisation, ie. Exporter, Consignee (plus EDI Users and H/C Print Locations for EXDOC users).  To do this enter each of the tables and click on the "+" button in the top right hand corner of the browse screen.  It is advisable to update these tables before you start data entry.  However, there is the facility to add/update Consignees and Exporters from within the CRN, EDN and RFP data entry screens.