Check Database Structure (Reindex Database)

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The normal operation of a computer can cause database indices to become corrupted.  The causes can be many, but one us bad power supply.  Another happens when the user switches off the computer without shutting down Windows correctly.  This corruption results in files being linked incorrectly and thus unpredictable results.  If ever you are having unexplained problems you should run this function.


This is something you could do on a regular basis.  (i.e. After a backup).


This is something that could occur after a software update.  Where there are changes to the database structure (usually those required by Customs and AQIS) then EdiSoft will detect the change and a Database Integrity Check will be initiated.  EdiSoft will not run until the restructure has been done.


To run this you must have exclusive use of the system.  If there are other users (on the network) then you will be warned of this and the process will not run.