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Disclaimer : Please be aware that neither ByteLoad Pty Limited nor Woodwind Systems accept any responsibility for error contained in this guide or for any loss of user business, either financial or otherwise, whilst using the EdiSoft product. It should also be noted that this manual is a guide only and relates to the actual use of the software. For RFP's from AQIS it is assumed, and indeed imperative, that the reader has a detailed knowledge of the AQIS volume II manual as it relates to the legislative requirements for export.


All efforts are made to see that this guide is correct. There may be times when there are discrepancies due to enhancements or changes to the program. If this is important to you then please help us by advising the Help Desk by fax and we will make any necessary corrections.


There are four levels of first hand support as follows :


EdiSoft Help Desk                Kate on                        E-Mail

                                                 Mob (0421) 379 465



AQIS/ DAFF Error Messages        Exdoc Support                Fax (02) 6272 5773

                                                 Tel (02) 6272 4800 - Meat

                                                 Tel (02) 6272 4700 - Non Meat


Customs ICS Help Desk                                        Tel 1300 558 099


Hint Use of the facsimile or e-mail for both Peter and Greg is, in most instances, by far the most effective way of obtaining assistance. Please document your query with as much information as possible and include examples where available.


The importance of a stable platform.


With most of the things we do it is important that we operate from a stable foundation or platform.


This rule is most applicable to the application software running on your computer. If the computer is unreliable, or the

operating system (Windows) is unreliable then you can be sure the application software will give unpredictable results.


There are some things we can do to maximise the probability of a stable platform.


Always shut down Windows before turning the computer off. This is not always practical because there will be instances where there is a power failure or Windows just hangs etc.


Install an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) unit. This will provide protection from power surges etc. and will also provide sufficient battery backup to enable you to shut down gracefully when there is a power failure.


Run "ScanDisk" regularly. This program detects errors on your hard disk caused by a hardware malfunction and attempts to correct them. If you are continually finding disk errors then this could point to a more serious problem with the hardware and you can take action.


Backup your data regularly. This will enable you to recover if you do have a malfunction or disaster. This issue is discussed more fully later in this manual.


Use Virus protection software. Unfortunately there are some clever people around who take delight in distributing "viruses". These viruses embed themselves in normal programs and proliferate when the infected program is run. Most virus protection software will recognise most viruses and warn you. Unfortunately new viruses are arriving all the time and the protection software needs to be continually updated. It is a real pity that the creators of the viruses cannot find a better way to use their talents.


EdiSoft - the Exporter's Companion


There are two editions of EdiSoft. There is the "Standard" edition for Exporters who only need to get EDN’s from Customs and send PRA’s to the Terminals. Then there is the "Premium" edition that accesses ICS , EXDOC and Sends PRA’s to the Terminals. This edition also provides Invoicing and other Documentation. Both editions provide a Data Transfer facility,

This manual covers both the "Standard" and "Premium" editions. Users of the "Standard" edition should disregard the

areas that are not available in their edition.


When changing from a previous system.


Please note that any EDN’s or PR A’s that you have started on your previous system must be completed on that system. Any outstanding RFP's can be brought into EdiSoft by doing a "Copy RFP" from AQIS using the RFP Numbers. During the interim period, make sure that you do not transmit or receive RFPs, PRAs or EDNs from one system if you are waiting for replies to transmissions sent from the other system.


Please remember this is your system. We welcome constructive feedback regarding ways the system can be improved.