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EdiSoft can be used to obtain

Health Certificates (also known as Phytosanitary Certificates for some commodities)


The same principle applies for all these documents.


1.The User enters information into Edisoft.
2.The User queues the document for transmission.
3.The User clicks on the Transmit / Receive button to send the message.
4.Edisoft transmits the message to the appropriate processing authority (Customs, AQIS or a Stevedore Company).
5.The computer at the processing authority analyses the information contained in the message and sends a reply. This reply may be acceptance of the document or rejection. The reply also contains messages that explain why a document has been rejected.
6.The user clicks on the Transmit / Receive button (again) to receive the answers.
7.If necessary, the User then makes any changes, re-queue's and re-sends the message. The user does this until the required status is obtained.