Sending and Recieving PRA's

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If a PRA needs to be Queued for transmission (without actually opening the PRA Details Screen) then simply click in the "Send Queue" comumn beside the PRA you wish to send. A validation will be done and  "Yes" put in the column. (To de-queue a record, click on the "Yes" and it will return to a blank). Any number of records can be queued and sent in the one transmission.


Click on the clip0051 button and EdiSoft will send your message using the Internet Mail as configured in the Post Box.On successful transmission the PRA will go to "Wait Reply". This means that you are waiting on an answer from the Stevedore system.You cannot make changes while an PRA is in this state. Wait 5 to 10 minutes (longer in peak timer) and click on the clip0051 button again to get your answer. Any further messages that have been queued to go will also be sent at this time. EdiSoft will work out whether to do a Send / Receive or Receive Only transmission.


When replies are received the "Yes" will move to the "Recd Reply" column. Click on the "Yes" to view the messages and clear the "Recd Reply". Make sure you clear the "Recd Reply" so that you can tell when more replies come back. These messages can also be viewed in the Messages folder in the PRA Details screen.


If your PRA comes backclip0073then you will need to edit the PRA, fix the errors and re-send the PRA.


PRA's without errors will come backclip0076.


NB: The status of PRA's will not change until a notification is received from the Stevedore.