Set up your  Post Box details.

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The Post Box is used to store information about your organisation.  The settings in this section are used throughout the program.  Most users will only have one Post Box but if necessary it is possible to create more than one.  If you think you may need multiple Post Boxes you should discuss this with the EdiSoft Help Desk.  Information stored here is used as an identification with Customs (CRNs and EDNs), AQIS (RFP's and Custom Certificates) and the Terminal Operators (Patricks and P&O Ports).  The identification must be unique for Each Post Box otherwise messages will be mixed up and your data will become incorrect.


Start EdiSoft.


Select 'Setup' on the menu line.


When first installed there is only one Post Box record and this will need to be updated with your parameters.  Update the "Default Post Box" only, unless you are setting up more than one Post Box.


If you move the cursor over one of the buttons at the top of the screen, a hint will appear if the cursor remains stationary for a few seconds.  This will happen with many buttons and fields within EdiSoft.


Note: The Exit1, Exit2, ICS and ExDoc folders each have a "Test" and "Production" mode.  For the Stevedores, there is a Test or Production mode for each Stevedore. Initially these are all set to "Test" so you will need to set each to "Production" later when you have completed testing and the real work starts.

Click on the "Change Post Box Details" button and the following screen will appear.