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EdiSoft interacts with the various organisations (Customs, AQIS and the Port Operators) using EDIFACT messaging.  A message is sent from EdiSoft to the organisation and the computer at the other end receives the message, analyses the content and sends a response.  In the case of EXDOC, when a Health Certificate is to be printed this "print file" is sent separately to normal messages.


Internet Mail is used for communications.

Internet Mailis the technique you use for your normal e.mail messages. EdiSoft uses your normal connection whatever it is (56k Dial-up or Broadband). To use this method you will need to set up a new e.mail address for EdiSoft to use. No other messages should be sent using this address and no other software should access the EdiSoft email address. EdiSoft does not utilise your installed email software because there are various programs for this and we do not know which one you have. EdiSoft sends messages via your SMTP mail server and receives messages via your POP3 mail server. If you have a firewall in place (good practice) then you will need to make these mail servers accessible for EdiSoft. The EDIFACT messages are pure text and we cannot envisage a situation where a virus would be transmitted with these packets.


EDI e-Mail Address
EdiSoft will need an e-Mail address for communication via Internet Mail.  This address should be reserved for EdiSoft only.  No other e-Mail clients (Outlook, NetScape etc.) should be configured to use this address.  A good practice is to have the letters "edi" in the address (e.g. so that anybody seeing this address will know it is not a personal address.  Where required, EdiSoft will use this address for communications with Customs ICS, EXDOC and 1-Stop.  All types of messages go through the same address.  When you are obtaining your Type 3 Device Certificate for Customs ICS, this is the address you will use for the device.  It is worth noting here that the address will be a part of the certificate and it cannot be changed, so be careful.


Messaging Options


All messages to Customs for ICS must go via Internet Mail. A Digital Certificate is required.
The EXDOC system provided by AQIS has the facility to send and receive messages using either the Internet (email).
Internet Mail is the only method available to send PRA's to the Terminals.