System Backup

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Backup is one of the most important things to remember with any computer installation and yet it is the thing that is most frequently ignored.  Backup is a copy of your data that can be used to recover from a disaster, theft etc.


Your computer systems must be backed up on a regular basis.  In the case of data corruption, disk failure, natural disaster, theft etc. it will be necessary to restore the last backup.  This will restore your system to the status at the time of the last backup.  Obviously, the more recent the Backup, the more up-to-date your restored data will be.


The Backup method will vary depending on Operating System, if you are on a network, who is doing the backup or some other requirement.  The main thing is that it must be done.


To simplify any recovery you should backup the following


 ....\Woodwind\Data directory (assuming you installed to the default directories).


There is a Backup facility in the Housekeeping Menu within EdiSoft.  With this you can


Backup the whole of the Woodwind Directory (recommended after each program update)
Backup the Data Directory only.  Do this to have the latest copy of your data. If you are experiencing hardware problems, or power supply problems, do this often.  We can use the most recent backup to get you going again with the least delay.


In the event of data corruption (or a theft of your computer) you can then restore from your backup.