Importing Container Details

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The method used here is different to the normal transfer of complete RFP’s.  The file should be placed in the ...\Woodwind\Data\Intray directory and must have a .csv suffix.  This is to avoid conflict with other files in the Intray directory.  The first record in the file defines the layout and contains the Field Names that EdiSoft is expecting. If a fieldname is supplied that is not correct, the import process will ignore that column.


Acceptable fieldnames are


Number        The actual Container Number        15 chars
DpieSeal        The Seal Number                15 chars
SealStartNo        The Seal Start Number        15 chars
SealEndNo        The Seal End Number        15 chars
IMA1GrossWt        IMA1 field for Dairy only        9999999.999
IMA1InvoiceDateIMA1 field for Dairy only        dd/mm/yyyy
IMA1InvoiceNumbIMA1 field for Dairy only        25 chars
IMA1NettWt        IMA1 field for Dairy only        9999999.999
IMA1ProdDesc        IMA1 field for Dairy only        210 chars
IMA1QuotaYear        IMA1 field for Dairy only        dd/mm/yyyy
IMA1SerialNumbIMA1 field for Dairy only        25 chars




Either format is acceptable.












Spaces should be removed between comma's.