Adding Containers

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Adding Containers


When filling in the Containers it is necessary to add a Container Line for each Container.  To do this, click on the  button (or press the Insert key when the Container Grid has focus).




When entering Container Numbers, it is possible to have EdiSoft do a logical check of the Container Number.  The formula is based on The ISO Standards Handbook 34 (1989).  Be aware that not all container Numbers comply to this standard so there is an option in the Setup screen to turn this editing feature of if you find it too intrusive.



Container Import


There is a facility to allow import of Container Details from another system.  The file format is described in the[****]Importing Container Details section.  No checking of Container Numbers is done, it is the responsibility of the user to ensure the Numbers are correct.  They can be checked individually after the import is completed.  All of the Container Numbers in the file will be added to the currently selected Line Item.  To do the import, click on the        button and an Open File Dialog will appear.        


Select the file to import to the currently selected Line Item.  This dialog can be used to look for files that are elsewhere on your system but it is advisable to have them in the ...\Woodwind\Data\InTray.