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This screen is used to control the PRA communications.  Each Stevedore can be individually configured.  It is possible to be in Test for messages to CSX and be in production for messages to Patricks.  The main part of the Stevedore records is maintained from the Tables menu on the front screen but you can change the Production Status in this screen as well (click on the field).  You will need to be registered before you can send PRA's.  Send an e-mail to the EdiSoft Technical Support if you need a Registration Form.


Configuring for PRAs is slightly different to the other document types.


When you receive the User ID from 1-Stop or CSX, you need to put this in the appropriate Stevedore record.  Select Tables /  PRA Tables / Stevedore Companies from the main menu and edit the appropriate Stevedore record.  Enter the PRA Sender ID (the code advised ) and PRA Contact (your name).